The Key to Successful Montessori, A Well Rested Baby

Every parent knows that the secret to a child’s success often comes from them being on a good schedule. The routine will increase the amount of food that they are willing to eat when it is meal time, make it easier for them to pick up their toys after playing with them, and make it easier to rest. Resting is vital for children, whether they are newborn or school aged. If you are hoping to teach your children to be successful using the Montessori method of teaching; it is also important that you understand that the key to successful Montessori is having a well-rested baby.

Why Rest is Key to Montessori Success

One of the most important aspects of Montessori is playing to learn. A child who is sleepy will not be as focused on playing as they should be. They need to be alert and they need to be willing to learn how to play with any item that may be given to them. If the child is irritable because they have not been sleeping well, they are not going to want to interact with the items that they have in front of them. They will be more easily distracted by outside things and may want to lay on the floor rather than spend their time learning. All of this will make Montessori Learning less effective and may set them back more than you realize at first; especially if their inability to rest continues night after night.

How You Can Help Your Child Succeed

It is a proven fact that children can start learning in the Montessori way, even when they are
tiny infants. From the time of birth, an infant is learning about the world around them. They are gaining an understanding of how things work. However, the same is true about them; in that if they do not sleep well, they will not learn well. You can help them with this by giving them a quality crib mattress to sleep on. You do not necessarily have to purchase an organic crib mattress, but the quality does count. It should be firm enough for them to be able to rest safely, but it should also be something that they can rest comfortably on. For some of the most popular choices we have found Baby Comfort Authority as an excellent resource. If you can purchase a quality bed set for your infant, they will sleep better during the night and during nap times, and they will be more able to learn the things that will one day make them more successful.

It Is Never Too Early for Resting Well

Everyone knows that a sleepy two-year-old is not a much fun to deal with. They have increased tantrums and a general discontentment with everything. The same is true for both younger and older children. When your infant is sleepy, they get cranky. They will want to fuss more than play and interact with you. When an older child gets sleepy, they may want to kick back in front of a TV rather than play. A quality bed that is age appropriate will help, no matter what stage of Montessori Learning they are in.