Start Even Earlier with Montessori Learning

Infant Baby CarrierOne of the greatest things about Montessori Learning is the fact that it uses a child’s natural curiosity to build on. It enables them to explore the world around them without much interference from you, their teacher. However, even though it is designed mostly for toddlers and up; some say that you can start the same type of learning much earlier in your child’s life. Perhaps it is even possible to encourage learning from the time that your little one is born. This is making people ask if it is possible to start even earlier with Montessori learning.

Understanding the Learning Process

From the time a baby is born, they are learning about the world around them. Even before you infant can crawl across the floor, they are exploring. They are learning by touch, by taste, by sound, smell, and sight. Their five senses are being put to use. Everything is new and exciting. As a parent, your role in this early learning phase is extremely important. The more time you spend with them, showing them the world; the faster they will begin to put the pieces that they know together. This is one of the main reasons parents are trying to find more ways to encourage even their tiniest infants to feel more confidence in their security.

How Parents Are Expanding HorizonsTwin Carrier Bonding

It has been proven that a baby carrier can increase an infant/parent bond from an early age. We already know that a baby who is being carried in a safe cocoon where they can hear their mommy’s heart will feel less stressed out by the activities goin g on around them. This is the goal of Montessori Learning and therefore seems like a perfect way to start the learning process earlier.

By using a baby carrier or a baby carrier for twins, your little one can be held safely by you while watching as you go about the chores you have to do daily. They can become more a part of shopping trips or long walks in the park. You can cover their head to protect them if they begin to get scared or sleepy and allow them to take in everything when they are alert and most ready to watch. At all times, they will know that you are there with them and that you are protecting them while they learn. Twins in a baby carrier are also going to gain important social skills that single babies may need to get from a mirrored image.

Montessori Infancy learningLearning Only Begins at Infancy

A child will learn best if they feel they are safe in their own exploration of the world around them. By using a baby carrier during infancy, you are creating a bond that is extremely special. As they grow from infancy and into toddlerhood, you can continue to use the
carriers. This will make it easier on you to talk to them about the world and the things that they are seeing, but if at any time, they seem to be overwhelmed by the activities; they can be shielded from it as well. As curious toddlers, you can let them run, play, and learn and they will still know that they can come to you for protection when the big ole world turns out to be a little more than they want to deal with. Can you think of a reason it wouldn’t work well with the Montessori learning program?