Packing the Car & Cooler for a Summer Trip

With Montessori learning, the experience is the most important aspect of early childhood. It is one of the best ways to ensure that gain a complete understanding of the world around them. It is hands on and becoming a part of the area that they live in. For that reason, we encourage parents to take their child out into nature where they can experience the “real world” for themselves. However, before you head off into the big world, there are a few things you will want to take along. Just follow our tips for packing the car and cooler for a summer trip.

Sensorial Learning to the Max

exploring with kidsIn nature, there will be numerous things for your child to see, touch, smell, and hear. You may also be able to find things that they can taste if you have a basic knowledge of berries and what is safe to eat. You can take your child out into nature during every season of the year and experience different things with each trip. You will be able to help your child look for animal tracks or help them to find bird feathers. You can encourage them to go on a nature treasure hunt. Searching for specific colored flowers, odd shaped leaves, twigs, and acorns can give them a bag full of treasures to look through even after they have left the woods for the day.

Things to Pack for Your Big Day Out

Your child will have the opportunity to explore when they are in a natural setting. However, you will want to make sure that you pack a few comfort items for them. If they have a favorite teddy bear or doll, it will be okay if they want to bring it along. They may learn by telling their best pal about the adventures they are having and about the treasures they have found. You will want to carry a small box or a bag for their treasures. You will want to carry a blanket for times when your child wants to sit down and rest. You could also pack a cooler or a backpack cooler so that you and your child can have a picnic when they are ready for a little break from exploring. There are coolers of all shapes and sizes so you can pack your child’s favorite drinks and snacks. You can see a variety of them by visiting Cooler Critic.

The Things You Can Explore

exploring natureIn a world of nature, it is possible to find anything. Most parents have the natural instinct to protect their child. However, you should allow your child to wander around and explore on their own a little. Keep them in your sight, but do not stay on top of them. If your child finds a treasure that they are curious about, they will bring it to you. If you see something that your child missed, you can show it to them. This will ensure your child has the ability to make the most of their day out. It will benefit you both and give you something you can talk about for days to come.