Exploring the world around you is something that is very fascinating to children. We live in a world that is unimaginable to someone so small. Exploring cultural biology is not so much about the different continents, but about the world as a whole. It is the wonder of all things that make up the world your child is getting to see with new eyes and you will be surprised how much they can learn from it.

Understanding Cultural Geographyworld map puzzle

Cultural geography is understanding the air, water, and land that forms our Earth. It is gaining an understanding of how those things can impact the world that we live on and that
most of the Earth is made up of water and the air is all around us. It is understanding that there are meadows, valleys, mountains, lakes, oceans, and so much more all around us. You can see it on a globe that shows both water and land. You can see it as continents and talk to your child about different countries. When they are ready to move on, you can talk to them about flat maps and how it is smaller images of the area that they live in. You may also choose to consider puzzle maps that will help them learn different states and different areas on other continents than you call home.

Geography GlobeWhy Is Geography Important to Small Children?

By talking to your child about other countries, you can broaden their horizons. You can begin to talk to them about the way things are done in other areas of the world. For instance, how holiday celebrations change from one culture to another. You can talk to them about things that make other places special, such as where the Grand Canyon is located, what formed it, and how many houses would fit inside of it if you could stack houses together. It is all about taking advantage of your child’s natural curiosity about the world around them. You may even choose to set aside a week to plan to try out a food that would be found in other areas of the world. Perhaps one night for Italian, another for Chinese, one for Mexican, and so on. It is important that you understand your child is always looking for things to learn from. Even a simple meal or style of dress will capture their attention and their imagination.

Where to Begin Geography

It is a huge world we live in and there are so many things for you and your child to exploreLand and Water Geography Globe
together. You can look for ideas on the internet about ways to give your child a glimpse of the world around them or you can give the Montessori Book a chance to help you open the doors to the world around your child. In this, the only important thing is that you expose your child to the world and all that it has to offer them. Talk about different cultures, continents, weather changes from one area to another, and more. Give your child the chance to learn anything they are ready for, and watch them excel and reach their full potential.