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Montessori math curriculum teaching guide book.
Montessori Math (53 materials samples exercises)

The aim of Montessori math curriculum teaching guide book is to help the child understand the fundamental of math equations and numbers.

Book - Montessori Math Education Guide Book.  Spindle Box - Montessori Math Exercise
Spindle box  
Large Number Rods - Montessori Math Exercise
Large number rods   
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"Rarely, however, can he count with certainty the fingers of one hand, and when he does succeed, in doing this, there is always the difficulty of knowing why,...The extreme exactness and correctness of a child's mind need clear and precise help.  When numerical rods are given to children, we see them even the smallest take a lively interest in counting."..........The Discovery of the Child, pg 264.
"The satisfaction of discovery leads to an enthusiastic interest in numbers when the child is able to demonstrate the fundamental mathematical operations, rather than simple being told seemingly dull and meaningless facts. He physically holds the quantities that he sees represented by written symbols. he combines the materials, counts, separates and compares them while visually graspng and reinforcing the ideas in a way that is concrete, rather than abstract."........Teaching Montessori at home.
The Montessori math curriculum teaching guide book will provide;
  • An introduction to Montessori math education, such as addition, subtraction, etc.
  • How to conduct the three period lesson
  • Introduces the work cycle
  • Outline in detail the exercises to work with the Montessori math materials, namely;
  • Number Rods, Sandpaper Numerals, Spindle Box, Zero Games, Cards & Counters
  • Introduction to Sequin Board A
  • Short Bead Stair, Unit, Beads & Boards
  • Introduction to Sequin Board B
  • Beads and Cards
  • The Snake Game
  • Addition and Subtraction with Small Rods
  • Addition and Subtraction with Small Bead Stair
  • Addition and Subtraction Strip Board
  • Golden Bead
  • Beads for naming, counting, and practice
  • Cards for naming, and counting and practice
  • Beads and Cards, Quantity and Symbols
  • A Bird's Eye View
  • Unlimited Beads
  • Group Operation
  • Addition, Multiplication, Subtraction, and Division
  • Bead Chain
  • 100 Chains, 1000 Chains
  • Addition Tables
  • Short Bead Stair, Addition Chart A, Addition Chart B
  • Subtraction Tables
  • Short Bead Stair, Subtraction Chart A, Subtraction Chart B
  • Multiplication Tables
  • Multiplication Board, Short Bead Stair, Multiplication Chart A, Multiplication Chart B
  • Division Tables
  • Division Board, Division Chart A, Division Chart B

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