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Montessori language curriculum teaching guide book.
Montessori Language  (42 materials samples, 60 exercises)

The aim of Montessori language curriculum teaching guide book is to help a child develop abilities to communicate effectively.

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"Once we have language at our disposal, we have a key which will unlock many doors"...Listen to Your Child; Crystal David.

The acquisition of our mother-tongue is the most significant act of learning in our life.  We have the permanent records of our past, contribute to the developments of the present and we can plan for the future.

" Language is the central point of difference between human species and all others.  Language lies at the root of that transformation of the environment that we call civilization....Language is an instrument of collective thought...and grows with human thought.... Hence, language is truly the expression of a kind of super intelligence.".....The Absorbent Mind, Maria Montessori.

The first word that a child utters is a result of great deal of hard and complex series of linguistic development, which begin, even before birth.
The Montessori language curriculum teaching guide book emphasizes 3 kinds of development and abilities required to communicate with someone;
  1. Able to make sounds and string them together to make intelligent utterances,
  2. Able to perceive sounds and to understand the others' utterances,
  3. Able to hold a conversation, i.e. to interact.
The Montessori language curriculum teaching guide book will provide;
  • An introduction to the language education
  • How to conduct the three period lesson
  • Introduces the work cycle
  • Outline in detail the exercises to work with Montessori language materials, namely
  • Insets, Sandpaper letters, Large Movable Alphabet
  • Pink Series - 3 letters phonic words
  • Objects and Pictures with LMA
  • Early Grammar
  • Blue Series - Longer phonic words containing consonants blends
  • Objects with LMA and words
  • Early Grammar
  • Green Series - Introduction to consonant digraphs, vowel digraphs, and other phonograms
  • Phonogram box, Small Movable Alphabet, Sentence Strip, Phonogram Reading Book
  • Later Grammar - Noun Boxes, Adjective Boxes, Verb Boxes, Singular/Plural Boxes, Preposition Box, Theme Box

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